Share your contacts

with a gesture.

Your Smart Digital Business Card with NFC and QR Code Technology.

Ever thought about how outdated it is to print business cards, not being able to update them on the fly, or having to carry them everywhere? And how often does a handed-out card end up forgotten in a drawer, never digitized? The Smart Digital Business Card is the ideal solution: a compact format, always up-to-date, allowing you to share your contacts quickly and directly onto someone’s smartphone!

But how does it work? It’s very simple: bring the card close to a phone with NFC technology, and the contact is saved. And if the smartphone doesn’t have NFC? No problem, your card includes a personal QR Code, ready to be scanned!

The advantages?

  • Helps reduce CO2 emissions by avoiding paper printing.
  • Occupies minimal space, perfect for any pocket or card holder.
  • Updateable in real-time, without paper waste.
  • Elegant and customizable design that reflects your professional identity.
  • A complete tool for presenting yourself, your products, services, and achievements.

A gift your clients will never forget!

Don’t wait! Contact us to learn more.

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Smart Digital Business Card

Smart Digital Business Card

Transform networking into an art with a simple gesture: just bring your card close to a device equipped with NFC technology. The Smart Digital Business Card is not just a traditional business card, but a fusion of eco-friendly technology, always up-to-date and conveniently pocket-sized.

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